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Vaping Power Chart

One of the great things about electronic cigarettes is the huge variety of accessories that can be purchased to increase your vaping experience. One of these mods that e-cigarette users recognize to be well worth the money are the variable voltage battery like the JoyeTech e-Vic that we carry in our store. Variable voltage e-cig batteries allow you control the amount of battery power (in volts) when you vape in order to get the most vapor from your atomizer. What many people do not realize is that just because the voltage can be turned up doesn’t mean that it should be turned up all the way. In order to get the most out of your electronic cigarette while using a variable voltage battery without damaging or burning up your atomizer, the proper amount of voltage should be used. One thing to pay attention to when you purchase a clearomizer, cartomizer, or atomizer is the Ohm rating.

When I switched to the Vivi Nova Atomizer Tank System, it came with 3 different replaceable atomizers: a 1.8 ohm, a 2.4 ohm, and a 2.8 ohm. The higher the Ohm rating, the more resistance is applied to the power coming from the battery. Therefore, more voltage will be required on the 2.8 ohm, and a lower voltage will be needed for the 1.8 ohm because of the smaller amount of resistance in the atomizer. I quickly learned that cranking my JoyTech e-Vic up to 5 volts created a very nasty burned taste with my 1.8 ohm Vivi Nova atomizer. So, I discovered the vaping power chart (below), and it helped me to find the proper amount of power (in volts) to use on my 1.8 ohm atomizer, giving me the perfect vape. 

The chart below doesn’t really apply if you are using a regular 650mAh battery, since you are not able to increase the voltage output of the battery to the atomizer. 

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Power Vaping Chart

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